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Pain Control


We focus on cannabis therapies to help relieve your pain through a medical office in Los Angeles

Working together


We want you to remain in the driver's seat of your life. Our associates will help you adjust your treatment plan to meet your goals and needs. Get back to your life. Don't let pain and suffering control your mood and adventures. 

Mission Statement


 TRI’s mission is to educate individuals on how to use cannabis products to accomplish their personal goals for medical treatment and decrease the amount of pharmaceutical medications. For patients with chronic pain and narcotic, benzodiazepine or hypnosedatives dependence TRI’s mission is to educate individuals how to use cannabis products to decrease and remove dependence on those substances, without getting individuals high or physically dependent on another substance. 

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The ReLeaf Institute

2001 Santa Monica Boulevard, Suite 1170W

(310)828-0002 help@mdreleaf.com


Monday - Thursday: 9:30am-4pm by appointment only