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Ron H.

This review is posted for sake of anyone looking outside traditional healthcare for relief from persistent pain.

I found Dr. Yafai on recommendation of a physician family member who trained with her at UCLA.  After months of constant pain in the aftermath of a bout of shingles, little relief from standard medicine offered by my primary care physician, dermatologist and neurologist, I was ready to look to out of the box options for help.  "Medical marijuana" was recommended by several friends.  I figured out how to get a recommendation to obtain legally access to marijuana for medicinal use.  Then I was lost.  I soon realized that I was expected to navigate my options by trial and error, with direction from only the nice but basically untrained dispensary sales staff.

My initial efforts were disappointing.  Then I found and consulted with "Dr. Sherry."  From the beginning, she really listened to my experience, heard my goals and kept my treatment on track.  And "medical marijuana" was really treated like medicine, with specific instructions on specific strains, mode of delivery and dose titrations.  Dr. Yafai is first and foremost a physician.  She has demonstrated a solid understanding of my medical history, current prescriptions and has offered me true medical guidance.  Beyond her knowledge base, she has maintained a supportive attitude, generous accessibility and given me hope that I will finally find effective pain management.   Her knowledge and willingness to help me is fantastic.

I highly recommend Dr. Yafai to anyone looking for expert guidance to navigate options for symptom management that can sometimes fall through the cracks of mainstream medicine.

Chloe B.

Managing Allen's, my husband, pain may not be enough to cure him, even with potential other benefits of the CBD oil.  But it is a critical step to him surviving it all.  We are deeply appreciative of your expertise and the possibility it provides for successfully navigating this harsh course of treatment...

Our great appreciation of having a trained MD specialist who can inform and improve pain management and nausea management gives us confidence that we are in good hands.  

It is so good to get him home, his pain is decreased, his discomfort associated with the pain decreased and eventually enough appetite for me to pick up some Chinese food.  While we were out doing pharmacy errands, he was recoiling with every tiny bump in the road.  Once home, fed, cream on his side, one relief dose. He's relaxed, watching a show on TV and said his pain is relatively gone and he is back to watching TV.  

I'd call that significant progress. If he can relax, eat, move about, and sleep, he has a chance to heal and to keep doing his work. July 2018

By a thankful patient's husband

"I found [Dr. Sherry Yafai] in April 2019 through a week of fairly exhaustive research, the objective being a medically responsible source of advice regarding cannabinoids for my wife "R," who was suffering through not only cancer, but a whole host of domino-effect reactions to her treatments. I cannot overstate the value of Sherry’s council; based on R's individual case and medical records, she was able to recommend very specific products and dosing / titration for specific things (pain, as opposed to nausea / appetite, as opposed to sleep aid), and everything she recommended to us has been extremely helpful in R’s battle. Sherry commonly speaks at medical conventions / gatherings on this subject, and is as good a source of understanding as anyone is going to find at this point in research.

Dr. Yafai’s tenet—as she puts forth in a great video she released recently ( )—is that the medical potential of this class of medications is obviously huge; that most docs don’t understand how to bring it to bear; and that the research is only now being funded and pursued at the level it should have seen long ago...

Sherry’s mission is to encourage understanding of cannabinoids among the professional medical community... Sherry will be a great asset to those ... who are looking for guidance through the expanding and totally befuddling sea of products."

Helen Z.

Written about her shoulder pain that is scheduled for upcoming surgery. Helen is in her 80s and couldn't lift her L arm due to severe shoulder pain. Avoiding narcotics and using minimal over the counter medications made it difficult for her to play with her grandchildren who were coming to visit. Her goals were reviewed and the treatment plan included topical. Here is how she describes the results.  

"(The cream) made me pleasently surmount and rise above my shoulder angst. "

Billie W.

Dr.Sherry Yafai,will be one of the best things you ever did for  yourself,by seeing her.I am seeing her as a patient and if you follow  her recommendations you will be amazed of the results that can  transpire. Dr.Sherry Yafai has always been there for me.And is the nicest  and Big hearted Doctor I have ever had. I had to stop taking  prescription opiates that I had been taking for over 12 years and was  terrified of going through withdrawal. It did not happen, her treatment  prevented all the bad stuff that is associated with opiate withdrawal  with me.  

Bob M

    .... now to get help, kindness, caring, love from the medical profession for a human life. I am honestly amazed that I made it to you. I walked away feeling happy for once in a very long time. And I feel safe... You have my highest respect as a human being.  

Natalie P.

   THANK YOU ...  

...for such an uplifting and promising consult. I ... am very hopeful and excited for this CBD journey. 

 She was AMAZING ! 

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from Square ... patient experiences


"Felt I had the opportunity to discuss my concerns, be heard & have an exchange of thoughts with the doctor without feeling the pressure of time constraints. The office staff was welcoming, helpful and professional. Pleased to have been introduced to Dr. Yafai and looking forward to the benefits of her field of expertise."


"Dr. Yafai is absolutely the best!!! She is extremely knowledgeable, very compassionate, and always explains everything in a manner you can understand." 


"Staff and doctor showed compassion!" 


"Everything was explained in detail on what the plan is." 

07-16-19"As always, my interaction with Dr. Sherry was superb. She is very caring, professional and understanding. And I always understand what she wants me to do."


"I'm very impressed with Sherry. Very compassionate."


"Loved Dr. Yafai." 



from Square ... patient experiences


 "Dr Yafai was amazing with my 92 year old mother. My mom commented how much she liked the dr and how knowledgeable she was. Thank you Dr Yafai." 09-17-2018  

"So happy to meet Dr. Yafai and start the process. She is smart, experienced and reassuring. She made me feel at ease and ready to make this happen. It won't be easy but with her help and guidance. I can do it."


"Dr. Yafai is not only an excellent cannabis physician, but she is an excellent second opinion on a surgery consideration."  


"Dr. Sherry is patient, caring - and listens. A great releaf!"

"I really felt like Dr. Sherry understood and cared"

"Extremely useful individual help and information - hard to find elsewhere. A positive experience"

"Best decision ever made." 


"Exceeded my expectations. Dr. Sherry Yafai is knowledgeable and compassionate. I would recommend Dr. Yafai to anyone."